Why These Organizations?

Many people ask us about worthy causes that make a difference in the lives of veterans. Josh and I have had great experiences with the organizations listed below. These organizations directly meet the needs of the veterans and their families. Please review their websites and give!

causes we care about

Honoring the Sacrifice

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We are individuals, churches, chaplains … people just like you … drawn together to spiritually build up the military community by meeting them at their greatest point of need.

Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others while helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship.

Currently, our National Team ministers to American service members in the United States and around the world, while our International Team known as Military Ministry, ministers to the militaries of 31 other countries. Our active strategies address the spiritual needs of cadets and midshipmen at service academies, recruits in basic training, active duty members, national guardsmen, reservists, veterans, retirees, combat trauma and PTS sufferers, spouses, marriages, and families. We also train individuals, churches, and ministries seeking to minister to the military community.

Travis Mills Foundation


The Travis Mills Foundation is also an organization run by our friends from Walter Reed. Travis, a quadruple amputee, began this non-profit almost immediately after leaving Walter Reed. The organization has raised thousands of dollars for numerous veteran projects, but the coolest is the purchase of The Travis Mills Foundation Veterans' Retreat in Rome, Maine. The Foundation bought an old Elizabeth Arden Spa and turned it into an adapted sports oasis for amputees and their families! Travis is also the author of Tough as They Come and has a documentary called Travis: A Soldier's Story.

Homes For Our Troops


Homes for our Troops built our specially adapted home at no cost to us! HFOT fundraises and builds homes for post 9-11 veterans who are 100% disabled. Our home is everything a person in a wheelchair needs: spacious bathrooms, low sinks, automatic doors, and transfer surfaces. Freedom in your own home is irreplaceable! Click the link below to see what this organization has done for us and hundreds of other families!

Semper Fi Fund/America's Fund


America's Fund laid the foundation for what a veteran organization should be. When we were all in the hospital, we became bombarded with "opportunities" and "projects" when in the back of our minds we were all thinking how am I going to get out of my lease back home? or I can tell my wife needs help but I can't afford to fly anyone in. America's Fund sends wonderful representatives into the hospital setting to just come and ask how life is. I was speaking to one of the reps about being excited to go to a military ball but we still had to get Josh a uniform that fit his legs. No lie, a check for $700 was slid under my door-- "For the dress blues. Have a great time at the ball! -Your friends at America's Fund".

Click HERE to read a blog I wrote for them when we left the hospital.

Gary Sinise Foundation


Gary Sinise Foundation (yes, the guy that plays Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump) has built homes for many of our friends. Gary Sinise is a compassionate guy driven toward helping wounded veterans. He is front and center at his events and is an amazing advocate for post 9-11 vets.

Kruzn for a Kure


This is not a veteran-based organization, but one that is incredibly important. Kruz and Paizlee Davenport are the children of a volleyball teammate of mine from college. They are both diagnosed with SOID (Schimke Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia), a fatal form of dwarfism that has no known treatment or cure. This is a genetic disorder passed down from recessive genes of the mother and father. The chances of two parents meeting and passing down these genes is a 1 in 3 million chance. Kruz and Paizlee are the only siblings in the United States with this form of dwarfism. Their futures will eventually include kindey and bone marrow transplants, as well as lives of near isolation because they cannot fight off diseases due to weak immune systems. Please read more about their beautiful family and help get more birthdays for Kruz and Paizlee.

Honoring the Sacrifice


This organization is very near and dear to our hearts, because it is run by a fellow Walter Reed alumni. Andrew, a double amputee, and his wife, Tori began Honoring the Sacrifice with the goal of cutting out the middle man as much as possible. You ask, they answer. When Josh went back to college, they provided a computer. When we moved into our home, they bought us furniture. Andrew is an accomplished golfer (click here to see Andrew featured on the Golf Channel) and works to link veterans of all eras to the wounded veterans of today in an annual American Heroes Dinner that takes place in Chattanooga, TN. Plus, they let Josh be in the logo, how cool is that?