A Tale of Two Children...

This is Harper

Harper is everything pink, sparkly, and princess. She specifically asked for high heels for her fifth birthday and wants to be an Auburn cheerleader when she grows up. From the time she was born, she has just acted like one of the adults. She wakes up with a giggle in her voice and knows the value of a great outfit. She is always up for a good conversation, baking, shopping, and manicures.

This is Payton

Payton is my second child and from conception has decided that she will do things her way. She loves all things that roar (dinosaurs, lions, monsters, etc). She is tough to a fault; injuries only make her cry if she has to stop playing to clean up a wound. She is a great helper around the house and loves to get dirty. At first encounter, she is withdrawn and shy, but will cooperate for snacks.

Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Before I had children, I read that verse as the verse that guaranteed a plan for my life. Now, it serves as the verse that reminds me that only the Creator knows my children to their inmost being and I am just here trying to figure it out. As a mom, I want to mold and shape my children toward a life of loving God and loving people, but it's humbling and a little weird to know that God is the only one that will ever fully know my children. 

How do we raise kids when we already feel clueless? If God is the one who truly knows them, then how do we stand in the gap and make good decisions for them? I want to encourage moms and dads everywhere to just surround your parenting in prayer. I'm sure that sounds cliche and repetitive, but prayer postures us in humility to God. Humility gives God permission to control our thinking and attitude. 

When I talk to people about how opposite my kiddos are, I often start out with how much I have learned about parenting. I usually begin my stories with "before I had kids, back when I knew everything about parenting..." I was certainly guilty of having a list of things my children were and were not going to do. I was going to be so strict about TV and the types of toys they were going to play with. Today, I shamelessly say that the TV babysat my oldest child when my youngest had kept me up all night and their toys range between sticks and Leap Pads. 

As parents, we have to remember that every statistic is based on research on someone else's kid. Statistics are valid and should be taken seriously. They can warn us of dangers and spread evidence-based information that previous generations did not have. But at the end of the day, statistics and information cannot replace or replicate God's plan for your children. As parents, we have to pray to push God's agenda over our busy schedules, goals, and ideas.  Prayer is the gateway to building ourselves into the parents they need! These children are not our own, but rather God has chosen us to steward them toward Heaven. As we parent our children, we should humble ourselves to God as our parent constantly seeking His will and attitude. 

My advice for raising opposite children: be a praying parent!

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