A Day in Afghanistan a Few Years Ago

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

From the journal of Spc. Josh Wetzel 1-23 IN Battallion

26 APRIL 2012

Today was a long day. It started last night when I was told I would be carrying 800 rounds of ammo. That is a lot of rounds for a gunner to carry. Then this morning when we left for patrol, our third truck was hit by an IED. No serious injuries though… The chaplain came with us on patrol today too—good way to get broken in. I sucked the entire patrol, those rounds were so heavy. Just when I thought the day was over, we went to the chow hall and started taking indirect fire. A mortar round ripped through the tent ceiling and out the side wall while we were eating. No one knew what to do at first, then finally the interpreter screamed “INCOMING!!”