Has The Pandemic Produced a Purpose For You?

Since March, our household has been plagued with questions like these:

How are we supposed to be spending our time?

What do we do with our kids all day when we're just stuck in the house?

Is anyone actually going to work next week?

What will fall look like?


As a former college volleyball coach, I research a lot of leadership and team building stuff. I listen to podcasts, read books, and watch videos from people like John Maxwell, Brene Brown, Trent Shelton, and Jocko Willink just to see where the business world, the psychology world, the sports world, and the military world all agree. It is amazing to see how people with completely different motives and backgrounds could affirm so many of the same things AND occasionally (though unintentionally) teach Biblical truths. Before 2020, I would use this material to help me add value to my workplace and get motivated. This year, I don't need to be inspired, I need someone to tell me how to survive... just being honest.

The more the days went by, the less control we felt like we had. One day our children were in school, the next day they weren't. One day we are eating in a restaurant, the next day we can't. As more things were removed from our lives, we found ourselves approaching God in an attitude that, I believe, He had been waiting on for many years. We had no personal requests other than keeping our health and praying that we didn't lose our income. Outside of that, we asked God "show us the next step." I feel He said "it's about time you asked!"