Reflections From The Coronavirus

This was me for the past two weeks, sitting in my room interacting with everyone through my window because I came down with Covid. I'm not sure where the virus came from. Josh's job requires contact tracing, but we live cautiously so that we can confidently go to church on the weekends. Regardless of where it came from, my experience with Covid has made me understand how it gets spread around so easily.

Early on a Saturday morning, I woke up with a headache. I thought I might have just slept poorly and I was sure that caffeine would take care of it. Over time, the headache morphed into what seemed like a migraine because I was sensitive to light and sound. I had migraines as a child so I immediately took some Tylenol and tried to keep my eyes closed as much as my kids would let me. The Tylenol didn't help. The assumed migraine escalated to pain in my neck and shoulders. I went to bed feeling like my head might explode. The next morning, there was no headache, it was full body aches. My shoulders, neck, back, hips, knees, elbows, and jaw ached like I had been in a car accident. As soon as I could safely take more pain medication, I did. Even though I had no cough and no fever, I finally thought this might be Covid. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed that I was positive and sentenced to 14 days of quarantine. This also pulled Josh out of the office and the kids out of school for 14 days as well.

For two weeks, I never had a fever or cough. My only other Covid symptom was loss of smell. Josh somehow managed to feed us all three meals a day, attend his Zoom meetings, and give Harper enough computer time to do her schoolwork. He kept a positive attitude throughout and even tried to find ways to cheer me up (i.e. sending me photos of the required princess dress code for homeschooling) We also had amazing friends and neighbors drop off food and activities for the girls to do. Josh and the girls managed to evade Covid despite being around me for about a day and a half of an assumed migraine, praise God!

While I was in isolation, I reflected on a lot-- the division in our nation, the direction of our daily lives, and decisions I need to make in my personal life were just a few things that came across my mind. I wanted to pray