When Your Valentine Is In The Military

Valentine's Day is meant to be a singular day to celebrate our love with our significant other. However, if you're in the military, there's a good chance there wasn't much of an opportunity to celebrate your relationship on this random day in February.

Seeing friends out with their spouses at candlelit dinners has its way of making a stateside wife with a house to clean and kids to feed feel extra lonely. Look at them with their babysitters and dinner reservations and bouquets of roses, while I'm over here cleaning this house alone. Valentine's Day is such an easy day for jealousy to set in when you're married to the military. Taking a moment to mourn the day might be necessary, but I pray that every military wife would take heart and remember the sacred mantle that she's been asked to carry...

That love is not a feeling, it is a daily choice.

For so many, Valentine's Day is about rekindling old feelings for each other. For the military couple, Valentine's Day can be a celebration of survival. Because we know that gushing romance comes and goes. We also know that when those feelings leave, there's nothing wrong with us, it is simply time to focus on what we have to do. Of course we long for physical presence. Of course we want the candlelit date night to ourselves. But more than that, we want to be the other person's person. We want to put the wind back in each other's sails. We want to see the other succeed. We want to come out of every training cycle and every deployment stronger and more mature than when we went in. If our relationship hinges on the ebb and flow of circumstances and feelings, then love will only be as strong as the mood we woke up in.