Walter Reed Hospital | Bethesda, MD

POTUS + Prayer = Auburn

Ok, maybe that's not the whole story. I actually had to pray with the President while his photographer, Pete Souza, snapped this picture of us. This image would later be hung in the West Wing of the White House. From there, the image went viral! It's even featured in Souza's book Obama: An Intimate Portrait. Auburn University saw the image and took a major interest in Josh. They asked him to come to campus for several sporting events. After talking to some great people at Auburn, we learned that Josh could finish his Bachelor's for free! We decided that when we left Walter Reed Hospital in March of 2014, Auburn would be our new home.

Shortly after Josh began school at Auburn, I reconnected with my field of expertise: volleyball. I quickly took a head coaching job at a small college in Georgia, then another head coaching job in Montgomery before my old coach, Rick Nold, offered me the Director of Operations job at Auburn University.